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A search and metadata engine for semantic web

Swoogle, a search engine for semantic web ontologies, documents, terms and data published on the web. It is a crawler-based indexing and retrieval system for the Semantic Web documents that is RDF or OWL documents. In present, Semantic web in the form of RDF and OWL documents are also widely used in a number of applications and the importatn of this is not less than to the web of HTML documents. Due to the lack of standard ways to embed RDF and OWL documents, SWOOGLE is designed as a specializes search engine, customized for Semantic Web Documents.

Current status…

Swoogle is a project which currently being developing parallel with constant developments with new scopes. A general user can query with keywords, and the SWDs matching those keywords are returned in ranked order.

Swoogle Interface

For advanced users, an “advanced” search interface is provided, which allows them to fill in the constraints to a general SQL query on the underlying database.

Swoogle Advanced Query

Swoogle Architecture

The Architecture of Swoogle

Swoogle architecture contains four major components, SWD discovery, metadata creation, data analysis, and interface. The SWD discovery component discover the potential SWDs throughout the Web and keep up-to date information about SWDs. The metadata creation component caches a snapshot of a SWD and generates objective metadata about SWDs in both syntax level and semantic level. The data analysis component uses the cached SWDs and the created metadata to derive analytical reports, such as classification of SWO and SWDB, rank of SWDs, and the IR index of SWDs. The interface component focuses on providing data service to the Semantic Web community.

Why Swoogle ?

  • We can use Swoogle to find if suitable ontologies already exist within the underlying domain which are matching to our needs.
  • Finding specific instance data is another feature of Swoogle.
  • Another important use is the navigation in the Swoogle. This navigational property makes Swoogle an excellent tool to study the structure of Semantic Web as the collected metadata specially the internal linkages of SWDs.

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